“We’ve Recently Reached our 400th Member! We Invite You to Be the Next!

    “Make Purchasing Profitable Amazon FBA Products Easy By Letting Us Give You The System We Use to Get High-Quality Daily Deals from Your Own Team of Inexpensive Sourcing VAs—and Scale Your Business!”

    “Build Your Own Online Sourcing Team” That Works For You Daily:

      This is a step-by-step how-to system that gives you all of the confidence you need to outsource your online arbitrage to your own team of low-cost VAs in the Philippines.

      It includes all of the steps to hiring, the ins-and-outs of compensating your VAs, hiring templates, checklists, and a customized training site your VAs can log into so you don’t have to train them yourself.

      Just cut and paste your job description online and wait for VAs to send you their test sourcing results so you can start hiring the best.

      You’ll also receive one-on-one support and coaching as you need it!

      • You Can Learn to Hire VAs that source high quality finds to scale your business.
      • When we say high quality finds we really mean it! Nothing less than $9 net profit, 40% ROI, and 1% and better rank in most categories! And many items are usually much higher! Or, you can teach your VAs to find items that meet your specific criteria.
      • Scale your business quickly by doing less work, and focusing on what matter most!
      • With this system, your team of trained dedicated research specialists is sourcing for you full-time daily!
      • Just review your manually researched and pre-screened list of discounted product finds each day and make your purchases!

      Quality Finds

      Minimum 40% ROI, $9 NET profit, and top 1% of most categories. And the truth is most of your finds are well over those criteria! In recent months we’ve been averaging about 80% ROI and $18 net profit!



      We’ll show you how to hire your won VA who only works for you, so you aren’t competing with hundreds of other sellers. You also get access to our one-on-one support and coaching. We have made many successful sellers.

      Delivered Daily

      Your VA is trained to give you 5-10 profitable product finds handed to you each day.  Product finds delivered by spreadsheet direct to you daily Monday-Friday.

      Mixed Category Finds

      Mixed product categories spreadsheet (e.g. home and kitchen, toys, sports & outdoors, video games, etc.). Your VA can give you a little of everything, and filter restricted  brands. More details in the FAQ below.

      Our VA Training System is Designed to Help Beginners & Satisfy Advanced Sellers

      • Your VA will give you the essentials like buy price, suggested sell price, projected ROI, category rank, and percent within a category.
      • Using our template sourcing spreadsheets and step-by-step training system
      • We teach your VA to calculate how many you need to buy to make a nice $100 net profit.
      • They will also list advanced data like the estimated number of each item sold per month so you know how well the product is moving.
      • Coupon codes, and discount codes, special shipping offers will be noted by your VA whenever available.
      • Your VA will get you links to the product on sale, and the Amazon listing, provide product names, and ASIN, etc. All you have to do is click to review and purchase the items.

      Your VA Will Be Trained to Use These Excellent Product Selection Criteria

      Products are sourced MOSTLY from the fastEST selling top 1% of Amazon categories, and in some categories OUR criteria is even tighter, or LOSER DEPENDING on the size of the category. Not ALL categories are the same.
      IN OUR EXPERIENCE VAs TRY TO FIND ITEMS WITH an ROI as close to 100% as possible, and Average about 80%, but also include items from 40% ROI and up.

      You’ll also get items that have a net profit of $9 or greater each day, and most items are higher than that.

      As a Bonus YOUR VA CAN ALSO separately include additional SOLID finds that may fall just below $9 if they are still great finds.

      These are just 3 of the 11 criteria your VA is trained to use when sourcing products for you, and we give you the ability to completely customize the criteria yourself if you want…

      “I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Daily FBA Finds. As you are aware, I’m relatively new to this Amazon reseller game. I had been spending hours running around stores trying to find various items I could profitably list and really only managing about a 20% ROI. Bootstrapping it like I am, making a decent return was going to be slow and tough. “Then I stumbled across your service and it all changed. I LOVE your spreadsheets! Everything I need to know is clearly spelled out… some items even have ROIs of 100% or more! The amount of research you put into every selection is obvious, and means that I now have all the information in one place – no more running from store to store only to find out they don’t have the items I was after! “But best of all is the fact that the two of you are only an email or phone call away. Your willingness to answer questions and help guide me through what feels like an alien world is invaluable. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, THANK YOU, you’ll have me as a customer for a very long time.” Jolene Cazzola

      Visual Artists, Social Worker, and Author

      “Daily FBA Finds has taken the hard daily work of finding profitable retail items to resell on Amazon,  and instead made it into a short daily list of click-and-buy finds.  Instead of driving all around town looking for product deals, or searching for hours online, now with my daily finds list the most difficult part is narrowing down what I want from all the great choices I’m given each day. “Daily FBA Finds’ competitive advantage – sourcing where the crowd is not, creating a dashboard of all the important data points, and finding items that Amazon is not selling – has made me more confident as a seller. The comments and guidance that the list provides is also making me a smarter Amazon FBA Seller. “I recommend anyone who is looking to do daily sourcing signup for Daily FBA Finds today. ” John Hogan

      President, JG Finds, LLC

      “As a full time student and worker, I had little time on my hands to search for the keys to operating a side FBA business. My fiancé and I had both been interested in starting our business, but needed direction. I was so glad to receive priceless guidance from Heather and Chris. Not only did they walk us through the baby steps of our FBA startup, they’ve held our hands throughout the entire process. “Because of them, our 4-month-old business is booming! I love waking up every morning to sales. It’s a really great feeling to make money in my sleep. “I would highly recommend ‘Daily FBA Finds’ to anyone who needs help sourcing. I couldn’t be happier with the customer service I’ve received.” Joy Kitsmiller

      Vice President, Quality Choice Goods, Inc.

      “I have been selling on Amazon for almost four years. During that time, I have subscribed to several sourcing lists. My son and I even hired and trained five different VAs of our own to source for us. All those lists were GREAT. Our VAs were great. It was exciting to open my inbox each morning, and quickly order for the day. There was no looking in sales papers and running around to grab specials at several different stores. But… we had to check behind each listing – each item – each rank to make sure that was one we wanted to invest our hard-earned money in. “Then Chris Rizzo came out with ‘Daily FBA Finds’ and my sourcing habits changed. The sourcing list that Chris is offering is different from any other. He offers so much more information about each product listing that it makes it a no-brainer to safely purchase. I trust each fact on his list, and I don’t have to recheck each product like I used to do. There are NO products that Amazon is already selling. I have a daily limit that I want to spend to optimize my Amazon FBA spending, and can do that quickly (less than 15 minutes) each day. “I am hooked!! I will always subscribe to this list. The profit from purchasing very few items each month completely pays for its cost. The rest is ‘gravy’! I highly, highly recommend “Daily FBA Finds” to anyone wanting to grow their Amazon business as we are doing!” Nancy Alexander

      Master Wreath Designer, Instructor, Coach, & Author, Ladybug Wreaths, Inc.

       Benefits & FREE Bonuses With Your Membership!

      As long as you are a member of Daily FBA Finds, you’ll have access to support, bonuses, and giveaways worth hundreds of dollars. It’s our way of helping you as much as we can and saying thanks for being our member.

      Private One-On-One Facebook Support Group

      You’ll be part of our private Facebook Group to receive one-on-one coaching for as long as you need it. Got questions about the system or a particular VA situation?Chris and his team will answer your questions very quickly. And, catch announcements, meet with other members, or find partners to split costs and share VAs with

      Access to Private Rolodex of Seller Tools

      As a member you’ll have online access to our private Rolodex of Seller Tools. This is a directory of what we feel is the best Amazon seller resources available to-date. Discover resources you didn’t know existed. Yours FREE

      Rewards for Referring Friends

      Refer a friend and get a $50 check! (no limit to the number of friends you refer). Just let us know when your friend joins Daily FBA Finds, and we’ll issue you your credit. How cool is that? Yours FREE

      Avoid Information Overload with Our FREE Shortcut Coaching and Get Profitable within the First 2 Months

      Are you getting started with FBA selling and feel overwhelmed with the amount of information out there? We’ll walk you through our shortcut system to getting started. We’ll answer your questions, and get you started fast by focusing you on just what you need to know to get selling. This is one-on-one personal coaching and it’s part of your membership. Value $597 Yours FREE

      FREE Seller Support Anytime You Need It

      Got questions about selling on Amazon? We’ve got the answers. Take advantage of our support system anytime of day. Leaving a support ticket is as easy as visiting DailyFBAFinds.com/support. As a member you’ll also have personal direct access to Chris and his team. Yours FREE

      Member Only Discounts

      You’ll have access to our exclusive deals in the members only Directory of Discounts. You’ll find here free trials to 3rd party FBA services, as well as special deals, and discounts. Yours FREE

      Live Q&A Calls

      We hold occasional live Q&A calls to help our sellers catch up on the latest Amazon trends, changes or to ask us your questions live, or just listen and learn. Value $97 Yours FREE

      Free Listing Creation Service

      Want to add a new listing to Amazon? How about create a new listing for a bundled product? No problem. Your membership include a free product listing service by our dedicated VAs (up to 2 free listings a month). Value $200 Yours FREE

      All of these Benefits are Yours with Your Membership.
      Backed by our 7 Day Money Back Guarantee!

      100% Satisfaction Guarantee

      Cancel at anytime, no long term commitment. 7 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

      Overview of the Learning Modules

      • Getting Started & Orientation
      • Module 1: How We Average $9.00 net and 80% ROI $3-4 net and 20-30% ROI
      • Module 2: What Does it Take to Find a Good Item Online
      • Module 3: What to Expect When Outsourcing to the Philippines
      • Module 4: Hiring & Communicating
      • Module 5: A Few Additional Hiring Tips
      • Module 6: Ways to Compensate Your Researchers
      • Module 7: Invoicing & Paying
      • Module 8: Essential Sourcing Techniques
      • Module 9: Understanding the Finds Spreadsheet
      • Module 10: Reviewing Your Finds Each Day
      • Module 11: What to Expect When Hiring, Firing & Promoting
      • Module 12: Misc Tips for Managing Your Team
      • Module 13: An Overview of Your Resources
      • Module 14: How to Customize Your Documents

      Join over 400 Members and Access the Entire How-To Build Your Own Online Sourcing Team System
      (Plus Get One-on-one Support)

      Price $197.00 one-time for complete lifetime access to the system
      + $10 Per Month for One-on-One Support

      Kick your Amazon FBA profits into a higher gear. Show your VAs how to get you 5-10 high quality profitable finds per day PLUS you’ll receive our one-on-one support and hand holding. Cancel your monthly support at anytime.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is your refund policy?
      We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 7 days of your purchase. If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase right away. Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving customers. If you are not thrilled with the product or are not enjoying the experience, then we have no interest in forcing you to stay an unhappy member.
      Does the daily finds spreadsheet contain any Amazon gated categories?

      This is entirely up to you! The training includes a few products from the most popular gated categories. This can include shoes, grocery, and health and beauty. Why? Well, we think all FBA sellers should be selling shoes. We encourage all Amazon sellers to ungate and sell in the shoes category at least. However, you may modify your requirements so your VAs only source from the categories you want to focus on.

      I'm still pretty new to selling on Amazon, help!

      If you’re new or even a bit seasoned and still need help, we’ll make available to you our Quick Start Coaching System, and answer all of your questions in our one-on-one support area. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, we’ll give you a hand.

      Why are you doing this?
      Our mission is to help people grow their businesses, help them create home businesses with their families, bring mom’s and dad’s home from work, or help those that need work and have trouble leaving their home.
      Are my product finds or VAs shared with anyone else?

      Good question! We’re glad you asked. First of all, it is possible to share a VA you hire with a parnter or another seller. Why is this a good idea? It provides you with a way to cut in half your costs and to divy up the work of hiring and checking product finds. With that said, you do not have to share your VAs with anyone else. They are yours to hire and work with privately.

      Do you hire the virtual assistants for me?

      No, what we do is provide you with all the knowledge, tools, and training system for your VA, so all you have to do to hire a VA your self is post a job post, and wait for the test results to roll in. Then based on the VAs who have taken your sourcing test, you choose which you like best and want to hire. We provide you with the job description. communications, training area, and everything else you need. We want you to spend as little time as possible hiring your own VA, however you hire them yourself and pay them directly. They are completely your VAs.

      I don't know anything about managing a dedicated sourcing specialist, is that a problem?

      No. Not at all. We’ve been hiring and managing specialized virtual assistants for over 15 years now, and have managed VAs specifically sourcing products for 3 years. We have taken everything we have learnd and created simple learning module videos for you to watch, along with cheat sheets, cut and paste resources (like job posts), and a training area all setup that you can send your VA to so you don’t have to train them. Basically we give you all the tools you need to build a team of sourcing specialists for your own business, and all you do is reap the rewards of the work we’ve done for you. Trust us, it’s not all that easy if you’re starting with no experience, but you won’t have to worry about anything because we walk you through the process step-by-step and literally give you every tool you need.

      How do I receive the daily product finds?

      Your VA will provide them in an online Google Docs spreadsheet which you can check daily. That means you’ll find them each day right in your own document. Just click a link to pop open the spreadsheet and you’re all set.

      Can I share this system with my business partner?

      Yes, you can. We ask that you don’t share your login or credentials with anyone else but those inside your company or with those you are closely partnered with or sharing your VA resources with. Some of our clients build teams of 2-5 partners to help manage and share the costs of their VAs and this is good business. We recommend for the most benefit and value, and to reduce complexity in the different requirements your partners may have, that you keep your VA private or share your VA with just one other partner.

      How quickly can I be profitable selling on Amazon starting off the ground?

      If you’re new to selling on Amazon to get the business off the ground takes about 2-3 months. The first month is a lot of setup and purchasing. Month two is when the payments will really start rolling in when you follow our weekly shipping guideline. Month 3 is when all the kinks are worked out and should be relatively smooth sailing.

      What is the required capital to start buying Amazon inventory?
      Really you can start with just about any amount of capital for your inventory purchases, we usually recommend minimum a few hundred dollars. The more capital you have the quicker you’ll be able to bootstrap the business by reinvesting your profit to buy more inventory. We hear stories often of sellers starting with less than $200 and building business that replace their jobs.
      Can my family work the Amazon FBA business with me?
      Absolutely! In fact we are a family based business and we encourage you to build this business with your family if possible. This is a great business to teach children entrepreneurial skills, or provide part time or even full time jobs to a spouse. Each step of the selling process requires different types of skills and different family members can fit in. You may also outsource parts of the process to neighbors, or friends.

      Get How to Build Your Own Online Sourcing Team & One-on-One Support

      All for $197.00 One Time + $10 Per Month for Ongoing One-on-One Support

      No Risk, 7 Day Money Back Guarantee, Cancel Your Monthly Support Anytime

      Have More Questions?

      Cool. Send us any question you may have and we’ll answer them. We’re also happy to hop on a 15-30 minute call with you to help you see if our training system is a good fit for you. Just let us know.

      8 + 1 =