About Us

A bit about us, and what makes us tick...

Our Story

The team at Daily FBA Finds merges their technical and IT skills, with their experience managing dedicated VAs and their love of selling on Amazon FBA. We’re a small team who believes that keeping integrity is job #1, and we’re dedicated to providing a product that is something so good we want to use it ourselves.

Our Vital Stats

  • Years We Have Been Working with Dedicated VA Teams: 12
  • Years Our Team Has Been Working on Amazon Selling: 5
  • Number of Members on Our Team: 3 Executive, 6 Researchers, 2 Quality Assurance Leads
  • Passion for Helping Amazon Sellers be Successful: 110%


President, Coaching, and Operations Lead

Chris’ wife Heather is really the brains of the business, but don’t tell that to Chris, he’s happy thinking he runs the show. Chris brings two decades of technical know-how to the table. He’s also a business developer, IT expert, entrepreneur, husband, father of 5, guitarist, and avid reader.



Coaching & Customer Service Lead

Heather specializes in one-on-one coaching, and inventory reviews, repricing and optimization. She’s been selling on Amazon since 2014. Heather helps to manage multiple family businesses, is a business growth specialist, and a whole family health guru, all while being a mom!



Co-Owner, and Quality Assurance Lead

Iniko leads the day-to-day review and quality checks of our daily product finds, filtering out items that don’t meet our strict criteria and keeping the best for you. He also works with our sourcing specialist to adjust or tighten our sourcing criteria as markets change.